8 Unconventional Ways to Choose Exterior House Colors

Things to consider when choosing exterior house colors

Exterior house colors are not solely your responsibility. However, selecting exterior paint colors requires consideration of numerous additional factors. We’ll talk about these things today to make choosing exterior paint colors a breeze.

8 Unconventional Ways to Choose Exterior House Colors
8 Unconventional Ways to Choose Exterior House Colors

1.      Landscaping or Home Architecture

If you live in a city, you can choose dark colors like brown, grey, and so on. However, if you live in a town or village, you can use a bright color. Architecture, like a house, can also be helpful. You need to pick a paint that goes well with the green color of your yard, just like a house with a yard. Colors that stand out and complement the yard and the house as a whole are what we recommend.

2.      Exterior house colors of the Neighborhood

Keep the house next door in mind when selecting exterior paint. Together with your neighbors, you must find the paint color that stands out. If you choose a color that doesn’t go well with a neighbor, it can ruin the look of your entire house. Consult the best Dubai painting company if you still find it difficult. They will genuinely recommend the ideal color. As a result, your house will stand out from the rest.

3.      Follow the Sun

When choosing a color for the exterior, sunlight is yet another important consideration. Colors are directly affected by sunlight. Because full sunlight enhances color, you need to pay attention to where and when your home receives more or less light. Choose muted tones in areas of your home where the majority of the light comes in to avoid looking garish.

4.     Construction Materials of your Home

It is now possible to construct a home using a wide variety of materials. Therefore, you must paint the exterior in accordance with the materials of your home. So, is your house made of bricks or stone? Do you have a wooden door or a wooden house? Before choosing a color scheme that coordinates with the colors of the building materials, you need to know the material of the house. Most of the time, we like to paint them the same color as the building material so that they look great. You can paint with the natural colors of the materials rather than using the same paint color. However, these materials should be taken into consideration if you intended to paint the exterior.

5.      Roof Construction Materials

Depending on the material, roofs can look very different. Despite the fact that tile and cement roofs are now common, many people still prefer the older style. When choosing a color scheme for the exterior, roof materials are just as important as the materials used for the exterior walls.

Your home’s exterior must blend with the colors of the roof materials, which each have its own color. Don’t worry too much if your roof is black or grey. All colors go well with these colors. However, choosing exterior paint should be very precise if you have a color other than these two. Select the shade that will not clash with the shade of the roof. In addition, there is a general rule for the color of a home’s exterior that states that warm roof colors go with warm siding and cool roof colors go with cool siding

 6. Your budget For Exterior House Colors

Budget! Budget! Budget! The most crucial factor is your ability to pay for everything. You can choose any color of paint you like if you have a budget to spare. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll have to sacrifice your taste in favor of durable paint colors. Man, even if you don’t like it. Despite the difficulty, it is beneficial to your own stake. Again, bright colors fade quickly; instead, choose dark colors because they last longer.

7.   Resale plan

if you intend to sell your home or are building a home for the purpose of selling. Then simply employ the standard colors of exterior paint, such as white, grey, cream, and so forth. Paint in a common color like red or orange, which the buyer won’t like. The majority of people don’t like unusual colors. In addition, select colors that remain consistent over time. In addition, we offer all kinds of painting services in Dubai, including house painting, villa painting, and apartment painting, if you want to paint your building.

8. Test Colors on the Home

Simply test the paint on your home if you are unable to choose the color yourself or cannot afford a paint professional. On their websites, various paint manufacturers offer virtual paint color testing. It is a straightforward and incredibly simple method for selecting a paint color for your house. is also provided for no cost, and some may be free.


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