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Glass & Aluminum Works

Manufacturers and suppliers of paint, varnish, rust-proofing compounds, industrial sealants and other chemical products. With more than 15 years in business Glass & Aluminum Works has established a reputation for high quality materials that are environmentally conscious. All paints are water-based with no solvents used in their production to comply with the most recent environmental regulations. Our Company also provides painting services in dubai The company offers a variety of services including painting services Dubai and metal finishing to give any metal surface a protective coat or new look.

Who Provides the Best Glass Work In Dubai 

For both residential and commercial properties, Neweverestllc employs professionals who are skilled in the fabrication and installation of aluminum partitions and glass wall partitions. Your request can be met quickly by our team. Glass wall partitions, sliding doors and windows, kitchen cabinets, automatic doors, louver doors, and aluminum fabrication for acrylic and glass displays are our primary specialties.

Glass wall partitions are becoming increasingly common in contemporary office settings. They give the office a feeling of being “open plan” and let in a lot of light. They can be single or double-glazed, have internal blinds installed for additional privacy, and are non-load bearing. We supply and install both framed and frameless glass partitions, and we can apply company logos or feature designs to the glass for added effect.

We offer affordable services for working with aluminum and glass in your residential and commercial areas.


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In Dubai, Neweverestllc Technical Services specializes in complete aluminum and glass works installation. We know how to install homes, villas, buildings, and offices. Our customers are both individuals and professionals who are looking for advice on interior design projects and a turnkey solution. Our services are extensive and customizable.

Shatterproof Glass Works Dubai

We are a leading manufacturer of shatterproof glass. We have been in the business for over 20 years, and our wide range of products is second to none. From custom made windows to large diameter applications, we have your needs covered!

Our reputation has been built on our strong customer base and trusted name in the industry. We know that you need something that will last long enough to meet your needs without compromising on quality or craftsmanship—that’s why we only use premium materials like steel or aluminum when making our products so they’ll stand up against even the toughest conditions!


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Common materials for floor and wall tiles include:
Ceramic: Ceramic tile flooring is a great option for any area that gets a lot of foot traffic, moisture, or other outside elements.