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False ceiling & light partitions installation

New Everest Technical Services provide high-quality installation services for all kinds of false ceilings and light partitions. Commercial interiors, retail shop interiors, office interiors, hotel lobby interiors, hotel suite interiors, and regular home interiors are among the services we provide. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of designer ceiling tiles that can be utilized as acoustical insulation. There are a number of different kinds of insulation that we carry that do not necessitate tearing down your existing ceiling; rather, they can simply be added without causing too much disruption. We additionally offer the standard roof tiles found in different areas like school structures, studios, emergency clinics, labs, and so on, offering the details your requirement for your business.Our Company also provides Villa painting services 

 The various types of false ceilings that we have installed include those made of 

   Gypsum false ceiling

   Metal false ceiling

   Plastic false ceiling

   Wooden false ceiling

   Fiber false ceiling

   Glass false ceiling

New Everest Technical Services

Through timely and convenient delivery of grades and work, Neweverestllc Technical Services consistently achieves client satisfaction in False Ceiling. We strive to deliver in an effective and accurate manner and are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are always pleased with the quality of our work. Our objective is to guarantee that every customer receives precisely what they require at the right time at an affordable price.

Concerning fixing systems for suspended ceilings and partitions, we offer comprehensive solutions. We are the best False Ceiling Company in the UAE, so hire us for partition services or false ceiling services. Our carpenters are creative and precise in their work. We offer the best false ceiling works in the UAE, so take advantage of our experts at the most affordable prices.

Installation of false ceiling & light partitions in Dubai

Installation of false ceiling & light partitions in Dubai

If you are looking to install a false ceiling or light partitions, then look no further than our team. We are a leading company in this field and have been working with clients across Dubai for many years now. Our professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that your project is completed successfully without any issues whatsoever. Our team will help you choose the right material for your needs, then they will work on installing it properly so that everything matches up nicely together as intended by its designer!


You might be outside of our installation area or just want to install it yourself. You are fortunate! For the majority of the various brands and types of toilet partitions we sell, we provide installation instructions.

You should give us a call if this happens more often than you think, and we will do our best to prepare you for a second attempt.

In many homes, the square-shaped ceiling is a common design. You can experiment with various interior elements or stick with a straightforward design. This is a fundamental idea that uses the idea of recessed ceilings. LED lights are included on the borders, and a square-shaped chandelier hangs from the center to create a coordinated look! 29.

Adding Dubai with drywall is very common. Some people do this to protect their privacy, while others do it to keep children out of the kitchen. Even the team that will renovate the Dubai office has been chosen.