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Are you looking to give your home or office a fresh new look? Were best and #1 Villa Painting Company in Dubai and we know Hiring a professional painting service in Dubai is the best way to ensure top-quality results. NewEverest Technical Services offers comprehensive painting solutions with highly skilled painters, quality paints, and efficient service.


With years of experience delivering painting services in Dubai, we understand exactly what it takes to exceed customer expectations. Our team pays close attention to every detail, from surface preparation to flawless paint application. We use only the highest quality paints and tools to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability.


At NewEverest Technical Services, our customers’ complete satisfaction is our top priority. Read on to learn more about our unmatched painting services in Dubai.

Why to choose NewEverest for Villa Painting Sevices in Dubai ?

At NewEverest Technical Services, we are able to offer very competitive pricing for our painting services in Dubai due to various factors:

So when you hire NewEverest Technical Services, you get the benefit of great pricing without compromising on international quality standards. Our prices are 30-40% cheaper than most contractors and painters in Dubai.

Villa Painting Prices | Discounts, Guarantees, benefits and advantages!

We offer very competitive pricing for all our painting services in Dubai. Our prices depend on several factors like the size of the project, type of surfaces, choice of paint, and any special prep work required. Here are some sample prices for common painting jobs:

Description with Jotun Paint

Charges for Apartment Painting

Charges for Villa Painting

Studio Apartment

AED 650/-

AED 850/-

1 Bedroom

AED 850/-

AED 1000/-

2 Bedroom

AED 1200/-

AED 2000/-

  • Painting a standard 2-bedroom apartment: AED 800 – 2,000
  • Painting a large 3-4 bedroom villa: AED 10,000 – 15,000
  • Painting office space per sq. ft: AED 10 – 15
  • Painting exterior surfaces per sq. ft: AED 5 – 8

We also offer great discounts for large residential or commercial projects. And our price always includes top quality branded paints, primers, supplies and thorough surface preparation.

At NewEverest Technical Services, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with the finished results for any reason, we will come back and fix it at no additional cost. We also provide warranties up to 2 years against chipping, peeling or fading paint.

Best and Experienced Solutions

Our team of experienced painters provide full-service painting solutions including:

  • Interior Painting: We paint walls, ceilings, doors, trims, cabinets etc. Our painters prep surfaces thoroughly, apply primers and give flawless coatings.
  • Exterior Painting: We paint building facades, boundary walls, gates and outbuildings. Our exterior paints are specially formulated for UAE climate.
  • Wood Painting: We stain or paint doors, windows, trims, furniture etc. using lacquers, varnishes, stains.
  • Textured/Designer Paint Finishes: We create special textured finishes like Venetian plaster, metallic paints and faux finishes.
  • Waterproofing: We apply waterproof coats on bathrooms, balconies, exterior walls.
  • Epoxy Flooring: We install attractive, durable epoxy floors for garages, commercial spaces.
  • Plastering & False Ceiling: We provide plastering, gypsum and false ceiling installation.

Our painting process includes:

  • Site evaluation & planning
  • Surface preparation – cleaning, repairing defects, sanding
  • Applying primers
  • Precision application of 2-3 paint coats
  • Clean up and disposal of waste
  • Inspection and finishing touches

We work quickly and efficiently to finish most painting jobs within 2-4 days. Our project managers closely oversee the painting process from start to finish.

Washing and Cleaning Your Paint Brushes and Rollers
Painting services Dubai

Painting a house requires an investment of both time and money, so you should carefully familiarize yourself with how and with what to paint so that the result pleases as long as possible.

The NewEverest Villa range  includes wood stains and glazes designed to work in harsh northern climates. The Villa range includes seven products for wood surfaces, from surface preparation to finishing – three paints, two glazes, impregnation and primer for wood.

Best Painting Professionals in Al Barsha Dubai
Best Painting Professionals in Al Barsha Dubai


Cost of Villa Painting in Dubai 

Charges for Apartment Painting

Charges for Villa Painting

Description With National Paint

Studio Apartment

450 AED

650 AED

1 Bedroom

750 AED

850 AED

2 Bedroom

1100 AED

1850 AED

3 Bedroom

1400 AED

2250 AED

4 Bedroom

2500 AED

3000 AED

5 Bedroom

3000 AED

3500 AED


Painting and whitewashing services are among the services offered both in person and in institutions. As a result of the large number of people providing this service, users may well be confused in the market. At this stage, there are points that users should pay attention to and require the master of painting and whitewashing to take them into account. These moments:

While painting, items in the home, workplace, or anywhere else must be covered and protected.

Common Issues When Painting Your House In Summer
Common Issues When Painting Your House In Summer

When choosing a paint, you should pay attention to the taste of the customer, as well as the properties of the walls and the materials used.

The master must use suitable clothing and tools during whitewashing.

For human health, it is important not to be exposed to the smell of paint for a long time and to ventilate the room from time to time.


How much does it cost to hire a painter in Dubai?
How much does it cost to hire a painter in Dubai?

The first priority should be to perform painting and whitewashing in the fastest and most convenient way with 100% quality, workmanship and materials. The DCS team, working in this direction, taking these conditions into account, carries out the dyeing and bleaching processes with brilliant workmanship and responsibly choosing the highest quality materials used with a team of experts in the services provided.



When designing a villa in Dubai, NewEverest Technical Services specialists take into account all the factors of country life in order to achieve the perfect result. As a rule, large families live in spacious villas, and each family member has his own architectural interests and preferences. This problem is solved by creating an interior in a classic style. Such interiors are relevant at any time, they allow not only to combine absolutely opposite desires of family members, but also to withstand all the decoration of the house in this single concept.


The modern and expensive design of a villa in Dubai is luxury and comfort brought to life with the help of natural finishing materials, ergonomic furniture made of rare woods, functional gadgets, antique decor, unconventional lighting methods and even landscaping and landscaping of the surrounding area. Unique features in the design of a villa in Dubai is also the presence of luxurious furniture. All these details are essential for the design of luxury homes.


Painters in Dubai charge around 30-100 AED per hour. This price is determined by the complexity of your job, and the time it will take to complete. The larger and more complex a project is, the higher you can expect to pay.

Painters calculate square footage by measuring the length and width of a space. A painter can also use reference materials, such as books or magazines, to estimate the size of a room. Generally, painters will estimate larger rooms at about 300 square feet per gallon and smaller ones at about 100 square feet per gallon.

Painters are often asked to bring their own paint in Dubai. There are many paint suppliers in Dubai, but it is a good idea for the painter to bring his or her own paint. If you want your home to look fresh and new, it will take more than just the painters to do the job. You need someone who knows how to use a brush and roller properly, someone who has experience with painting homes indoors and outdoors, as well as someone who has some knowledge of materials and techniques that would work best with your budget.

Cost of Painting a Room in Dubai The cost to paint a room in Dubai is about AED 500-850 for a small bedroom. If you are painting your living room, the price is about AED 1000-1500.

If you are looking for someone who can do your home painting, then you should look for a company that has been in the business for many years. You should find out whether they have any regrets in their work or not and this will help you to avoid working with people who are not professionals and could run away with your money. You can also inquire about the price of their services so that you can compare them to others and determine which one is offering the best deal.

The best way to save on painting your home is to do the work yourself. If this is not an option, you can always hire local painters that are less expensive than hiring a professional.

A lot of homeowners think that it is cheaper to do the painting themselves. However, there are a number of factors to take into account before deciding whether this is a valid decision. First, you need to find out the cost and time required for both options and decide which one will give you a better return on your investment. Another thing you should consider is the quality of workmanship that each option provides. If you paint yourself, then chances are it will not be as good or high quality as if someone else does it for you in many cases. This means that there is a chance that painting yourself might be cheaper but it won’t look as good either and will require more touch-ups in the future due to how much higher quality workmanship would be from an outside painter.